Keep Striving

It’s not easy living out your dream. Since one is determined to perfect their goal the stress begins to build up and the turn of new beginnings take place. Friends are lost, love is found, what once was very important to you becomes a memory, and memories turn into life learning lessons, striving is the key to stay calm through the tangle of it all.
Smile because it brings peace. There will come a time when you will feel like giving up and the burden of your past is too heavy to carry while your future is a faint light. During that time relax and smile even when there are tears in your eyes. The smile will soften your heart, allow you to lift that burden, and shine a light that will meet with the faint light of your future. The joining of the lights will lead you to a great path of success.
Love will surround you. There will be a feeling of fire running through your veins, but don’t turn from the flame. The flame is there to make your skin stronger for the light that will shine through you. Many people will flee from your presence, but don’t question why. When you feel down and out, and no one is around to to comfort you be thankful for the things around you.
Never give up. It’s easy to say, and very tempting to do, but never give up. Usually when you give up your right at your peak of accomplishing your goal. Keep on riding the roller coaster and accept what you’ll face next.
One must understand that life is a continuous learning lesson. We all need one another, and must be willing to accept criticism, love, hate, alone times, and reality checks. Without the acceptance one will never learn how to improve themselves.


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