Is The Lady A Vamp or Teacher


“The lady is A Vamp, is an easy bedtime read of only 372 pages when you want to escape reality. An exciting romance filled with sex, heartbreak, and hope.  The two main characters are Jeanne Louis and Paul their paths cross when Paul is desperate to save his dying daughter Livy from cancer. Willing to risk everything for his only love left in the world he kidnaps Jeanne Louis who turns out to be his life-mate. While on the run from the immortal law-enforcers, which are Jeanne Louis Family, the characters go through a cycle of life changes as drastic events begin to take place and their fairy-tale plan of living happy ever-after fabricates a bedazzled twist that saddens them for possible eternity.

Lynsay Sands is known for her work to be set during a historical era, but “The Lady is A Vamp,” I found to be modernized. She writes to help her readers “escape from everyday stress”. With her many works her style does take you on an adventure that one can only dream of when living during this hasty time zone we. Although the book is fiction it teaches you how to maintain a strong relationship with your companion. The main characters had a couple of feuds because of one being immortal and the other mortal, but the author found a way to ease the tension between the two. Sands writing style is somewhat of a form of therapy for couples to over come silly fights, and spark their love-life instead because in reality beings can’t live forever.

The author doesn’t have one style of writing but uses many. Lynsay is known as a historical paranormal romance writer. When reading her work you find that she’s comedic, heartbreaking, and juicy.  There is never a boring moment while reading the story because Sands’ found a way to keep her readers’ on edge while keeping the writing light. The title being “The Lady Is A Vamp” would give most readers who aren’t aware of Lynsays’ work a thought, “ Oh, another vampire story,” but after the first couple of pages you learn that its more than just vampire story. A reader will begin to realize the book has real life issues that many people are beginning to face today.

I enjoyed the read. I didn’t want to finish it. Although there were a couple of spelling errors the book is worth reading again. I was able to relate to the characters because during the read I was getting over a broken heart due to us growing apart, and this gave me hope that there are better life-mates in the world. Though its not mentioned the book opens the reader up to practicing patience. The co-main character Paul really wanted to get his wish granted, but grew with patience to love, and allow himself to be loved again. I thought the character development Sands used was brilliant because as a young adult many of us are not patient when it comes to getting what we need or want.  I recommend Lynsays’ book “ The Lady Is A Vamp” to a reader that is looking for a quick escape, needing to be on the edge, but looking for a message to grow.  ….To learn more about the author


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