I’ve Been Gone

Tending to other things I believe mattered, I’ve been long-gone from my wordpress sight, writing, and journal writing. Each day I would wake up saying I need to write, but soon find myself doing others things that I believe were more important in life. None of it mattered now that I reflect, instead those other deeds just put me under stress. I was unhappy, looking for Lord only knows, and again I find myself here writing another prose.

The luxury of of writing has begin to expose to me that you can always come back. I hate my day job, and really wish I can get paid to do what I love, but the thing is I don’t know where to start. So I continue down this unhappy path, doing what I need to do to survive, and feel as if I’m trapped.

I tried hating what I love to do to enjoy my J-O-B which by the way gets me nowhere, and I always find myself falling in love with writing once again. If any of my readers have advice on how I can start getting paid to write I would love to hear it because I feel like I’m drowning in this world of no progress


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