The Past Three Years

Life is magnificent. The past three years are somewhat of a blur, but I remember some scenes like yesterday. Plans I’ve made, plans I didn’t follow through with because of distractions, and the gains and losses I’ve accumulated. The past three years I’m sad to say were the worst. I found God, disconnected and rekindled with him again. I had everything I dreamed lost it and slowly began to rekindle them again. I’m glad I went through the trials because I know from here on out I won’t make the same silly mistakes, and I know when not to turn left or right. The past three years have set up a richer, wiser, and lighter future and present for me. I don’t have any regrets from the past three years because I believe that without the things that happened I wouldn’t be aware now. The storm is over with and as the clouds slowly drift off to another part of the world I know that sunshine is at its brightest, hottest, and its not going to go away for a long time, unless we seriously need water.

-Krystle Mitchell-


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