Lights out
And I’m bruised
Didn’t know that it was you showing me that I needed to wake up because I was about to lose
Screams, chatter, laughter, and tears
I’m scarred for the past three years
I won’t forget
The mark is set
This scar has set the route for my new conquest
Living in the past
Reminiscing on what I thought was real all went away
When I gained this scar on my face
I apologize for my venomous bite
Although its not good enough to bring you back into my life
This scar will always remind me of you
For you are the one that helped me pull through
No judging on your part just a helping hand
This scar will remind me to never settle for less again

To the young ones that think life is….
Scars and bruises are made to remind you of certain times
They are learning lessons that are embedded
Most you can cover up
Then you’ll receive the one that makes you change the way you use to love


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