The Lover

The lover has received the bar and set the standard
“Sit” thee demands as thee slowly flies off into the Netherlands
Bored, and tempted I sit and dream about all the possibilities set before me
After a couple of minutes I decide to jump off the bar, but I’m flying right back up to the bar because there’s nothing but fire down below
The air is warm around me
And the sun is always shining
Still the lover is gone, and its all my fault
I told thee what I wanted, and thee said thou will grant it
If I knew what would come with the lifestyle I would’ve thought about it more
At least I’m not lonely because every now and then a bird flies by and sits with me on the bar
When a cloud comes the bird is gone again
The bar continues to rise as I sit and the fire pushes it up
I try to burn out the fire with my tears, but when there’s nothing to cry for not much fire is put out


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