You Are What You Are Obsessed With

As I lye in bed thinking about what the day has in store for me I run across the saying “You are what you are obsessed with” which was said in church yesterday morning. After the service I’ve been pondering what my obsession was and a day later I still can’t figure it out.
I look at myself in the mirror and I only see me, so I wonder am I obsessed with myself. Am I a narcissistic? Laughing at the thought of me being narcissist the answer is definitely not. I give way to much to be fully obsessed with myself.
That leads me to believe am I obsessed with being a giver. Now that questions are coming forth and answers are being revealed its slowly becoming clear to me that I am obsessed with being “The One And Only Thing That Matters”.
I am obsessed with I, so I am a narcissist that doesn’t believe it. When things don’t go my way I get upset and let go of important, lovable people. Then I make an excuse and blame myself for what I’ve done wish them the best, and continue to stay in my own narcissistic world all alone.
Now that the answer is revealed as to what I’m obsessed with I feel lighter, and my vision is clearer.
As I dive into this new sea of obsessions I decide to put my all into what I want to be known for, something I can teach, and lastly share with others. People I’ve dismissed should come back if they were meant to be in my life, and if not then I’ll just thank them for letting me leave this part of me with them.


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