On the Balcony

As I sit on my balcony and watch as families load their cars, and go off into the world I yearn for that love. Before I was all about having sperm-donated kids, handling everything on my own, and being happy. I’m tired of being alone and I actually want a significant other. I know one day I will have one, and it will be fulfilling because I’ve awaken from my selfishness, and starting to accept my desires of being wanted and wanting some one else.

As young adults we get so caught up in needing to accomplish something before we can pursue our own desires. To-Do lists, goals, plans, and strategies are constantly on our minds when we should just go with the flow. Now I don’t mean turning right because it feels good, or going left because there was a spark that enlightened your ego. I need you, us, we as young adults (and that is everyone 21 and older), to go with their first thought, accept the answer to the questions you ask, and believe. Now for some going with their first thought is a little difficult because it is probably out of your nature, especially when your trying to break through a certain time, or experience in your life, but allowing your self to change and trust yourself will eventually show better results. Take it slow when starting the process of evolution.

The door is not lit up, nor is it dark, its neutral all around. Once the door closes behind you there will be a sense of calmness that you may have not experienced, but that is the first step of acknowledging the presence of God and his needs for you.


-Krystle Mitchell, 2013-


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