The Evolution

Meditate to transform
Let your soul fly to see new heights
Roll about, stand high, and be free
I dreamed last night that I was at a private beach meditating with a group of people. We were all down to earth and I of course wore the wrong clothes. Everyone wore black and white while I wore pink. With the idea of never to follow its proven in my dreams that I’m different. Going on, I found a patch to sit and everyone stared at me while I crossed my legs and closed my eyes.
“Escape!” A voice said, and my mind drifted off to a place that I can’t even paint. (I draw my dreams out). I felt a spirit flow through my body, I wasn’t afraid, I just allowed spirits pass through me and allowed my thoughts to flow. I opened my eyes and we were all rolling around on the ground.
“Fly” A man came to me and said as he opened my arms. I rolled and rolled with my arms spread out. I tried to tell him I didn’t know how to fly, but it was too late I rolled off the edge. I began to crash down at full speed while others were flying around me, and then I began to float up. I accepted the ability, and I flew until it was time for me to wake up.

Reflecting on this dream I know I can achieve whatever goal I pursue. I am a human being with wings that allow me to make a difference in the world if I believe in my self. Now that I’m awake I’m going to fly to the highest point, soar until there isn’t anymore wind, and smile through the storms, black holes, and sunshines.

-Krystle Mitchell 2013-


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