Never Say Never

I’m back from the awakening
I’m realizing the truth.
The De-Ja-Vu
“I will never be in this situation again,” were the words I swore on my heart, life, and soul.
I grew. I loved. I made mistakes. I learned.
When I woke up this morning I realized I’m in the same situation because there was a lesson that I didn’t complete, and that was to trust and have faith in the me, thee, or it.
The depression. The light of love. The questions. The wonderings of tomorrow, present, and past. I thought when I swore those words they surpassed. Here I am again but with a different set of friends, different clothes, different view points, and I’m understanding the first mistakes I made. This time around I will trust myself, my words ill live by. I’ll be patient and there’s hope and facts that I’m going to win.
Sadly the one person I wish to see me go through this venture will not be around because they are history, but everything happens for a reason and he was not meant to be apart of my story. I’m provided with all of my needs, a healthy family, and body thanks to the man that my family gave me a choice to believe in.


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