Sharing is Caring…..

I find it funny that 18 years later I still remember the phrase “sharing is caring”. As an only girl with two brothers I never knew what it meant to share. Being the oldest if I wanted something I got it because “I’m older,” but I really appreciate the sharing is caring phrase or method. Without it a lot of information would be lost. Talent, cultures, history, truth,and myths wouldn’t exist.
This phrase crossed my mind today while I was searching for a picture and ran across an article about how the Internet is changing the functioning of our brains. Being an ex-psych major I was really intrigued by the information given. I was able to relate to it and with the odd conversations I have with my peers about what the human race will evolve to in the future I enjoyed sharing the article on my pin-interest, Facebook, and stumble upon accounts. These sharing methods have made everything very easy on the Internet. It’s a little scary because soon we as humans change we probably won’t need to speak to one another because of all the technical apps and methods being developed daily.
This kind of makes me scared for my sperm-donated kids I will have in 3 years.

-Krystle Mitchell


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