The Love Of My Hair


My Straight look

As a young black women my hair has gone through many journeys. I’ve permed it, dyed it numerous times, braided it,cut it, grown it out, cut it gain, and even burned it out because I wasn’t paying attention. Although I’ve done tons of damage to my hair I have still maintained to keep it healthy, or get it healthy and back to its original memory in a matter of one month. Friends, co-workers,and family always ask what do I do to keep it thick, and healthy. My answer is easy, Drink Water, don’t eat candy,and love my hair.
I use many different products for different styles, and all of the products I use actually are the reasons my hair stays thick, long, and healthy. Just to mention a few my main products are Organic Olive Oil, Moroccan Oil, and Garnier Frutis. I only use two or three items from these collections, and I mix and match them to keep my hair free.

My Au’ Natural look



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