Bomb Threat!

I do not talk about things that are broad cast on the news, but this has grabbed my attention and I really want to get this off my head.

We as the human race are all bored souls that seem to have lost a sense of control. Many people may not agree with me, but for once I would like for my readers to think about this.
Why would you want to shake up a nation of people? Yes there is a history that was terribly sad, but that’s in the past.
A nuclear threat to the United States because of who knows what. Is it to grasp the Americans attention, or is it to teach the world to fear the Koreans? Everyone is trying to survive unfortunately we are all on the same planet. Some think they are higher than others, and even a different species, but at the end of every night, and each waking hour we as humans are all trying to do one thing on this planet and that is to survive whether your brainwashed or not.
Today we’re hear and the quench of a button we would all be gone tomorrow. Then what is the purpose of all of the progress we have made in trying to save the planet, thinking of new ways to change the world. Bringing peace on earth and helping others. Is, or was it all just a waste to come to this point in our lives to say,” hey we screwed up so let’s just blow each other away?”
What if there is no other species out there, and there was no God do we just fade into extinction and evolve into whatever else or is it just a dream? We think what we do is important, but really means nothing to the universe, heavens or whatever you refer to the unknown as.

-Krystle Mitchell 2013


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