Love your elders

As I spend time with my elders im starting to appreciate them. Their stories, questions, and the way they are intrigued by new things. When we are young we tend to think our parents or grandparents know everything, but don’t understand what we are going through because our times are different, but you soon come to a realization that they do understand and their teachings are there to guide you from making the same mistakes that they did. While figuring this out in life you soon learn how to avoid and perfect mistakes that were made by our elders, and along the way y

ou make mistakes for your offspring. The cycle continues, and life keeps perfecting itself until the end of time. Soon we will evolve into something greater and all of now will just be a mystery, and im glad to see that tomorrow is just another day that will make a difference in the future, but also a new lesson taught in history.

-Krystle Mitchell


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