Fork In The Road

I sit back and meditate
What I ask the universe is to show me how to make the dreams happen
Good intentions are all I have ever since I woke up from the nightmare
I was traveling down the wrong path for a long time
It took one shake up, break up, and wake up, to turn me around
As I stand in the middle of the three points
I stare at the mirror before me and try to decide which one should I break through
The first time I was at this point I went left, ended up in the middle then found myself coming out of the right side
The second time I was here I went straight and ended up coming out the left side
Should I turn around and go back through the post?
Should I try to take the right path?
So I sit Indian style staring into the mirror and ask the universe to show me the way
“You have all the materials you need to complete any of your dreams and its up to you to figure out how to use them properly,”
My resources and tools surround me and each one I pick up and ask the universe to lead me in the way to make this piece of article bring me closer to my goals.
No longer is there a fork, but now a wide, yet narrow path that unfolds before me.
It’s not lit up with golden lights
Or surrounded by cotton candy
Instead its a paper trail but not of money
It’s a paper trail of designs, patterns, lists, quotes, and continuous achievements
“Take one at a time,” the universe says as I reach for the one set before me
I then breathe in and out to take on my first task of changing my life forever and for the better.


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