Taking Charge

As a young adult and sucker of love I have not had a good card at successful relationships. My love life always begin to go downhill when I start to think I needed something else. That something else I need always tends to be myself and now I finally got it. The way I got it I was not expecting it at all, but I can say karma found me, played my little game, got me focused, then whispered goodbye and your welcome into my ear as I fell asleep on a couch at my co-workers house.
The next day I woke up believing my life was the same and everything was fine, but boy was I wrong. My life made a u-turn, back flip, locked a huge door, and began. The confusion of losing someone in my life that I believed was going to be a new long term “something” because of their actions and words has left me numb. I’m still smiling, but I realized somewhere behind that closed door I lost control and I’m so thankful I crossed paths with the spirit.
I was mad at first because I felt used and misled, but now I’m so grateful for the experience. Again I got what I wanted. Sometimes getting what you want isn’t what’s best, but the wants I crave are only to make me better in the long run. I know now that the spirit had to leave my life because it was only going to distract me from what I needed and that was me to continue on my dreams. The spirit has opened my eyes, and challenged me to be greater than ever and I’m so in love with it. Words cant’t even express the joy I feel I would do anything to keep or have the spirit close, and with that being said it explains why it had to be taken away from me.All of that energy I would’ve invested would’ve held me back from my goals, and again I would’ve been back where I started.
Life, God, Love are all mysteries to us beings and will forever work things out for you for the better if you just stay positive and have faith.

-Krystle Mitchell


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