I don’t write about love

I’m a sucker for love and I fall really hard
I don’t expect much because my needs are provided thanks to God
Still with all the love I give and desire I don’t write about it
Everyone has their own perspective on what love is, and for the past couple of years I just leaned to only loving myself and caring for others
I’m not drained from love
I do desire to fall in love again, but I have been very scared
I’ve pushed so many people away because how afraid I’ve been of love
And while being alone every night I think about how, what, and why
I guess it’s because I don’t write about love
I remember when I gave up on it
I remember when I would do anything in the world for it (not literally)
I’ve been so obsessed with the idea of it
That I’ve forgotten what it felt like
Now that my guards are down
I’m no longer roaming the ground
I’m going to start writing about love
Since the first time in my life I’ve realized love was never lost
I just tucked it away by avoiding, and distracting myself with things that never mattered but I just like to play
Because I was afraid of love
And to be afraid of it has always brought me back to show me what it means to love and be loved
It’s been with me from the beginning and will carry me through until the end
So rise in love
Write about it and enjoy
Love is the best life experience whether your a girl or a boy

-Krystle Mitchell


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