My Dearly Beloved

“Get Lost”
Are the words I hear in my head every night before I knock out
So get lost is what I did
I pushed myself to get over vicissitudes
And I thank you because without those words I wouldn’t have been able to find myself
My dearly beloved
I told you your the one that broke my heart
And your response led us further apart
“Well you should’ve said something before, ” are the words you were able to come up with
Little did you know every time I tried you found a way to make us fight
I was always the blame
For years, months, days I cried
Now that your gone
My dearly beloved you were the only one I would say
“Nobody would ever be able to take your place”
You let someone take mine
Now it’s time I say goodbye
Though you may never read this
Like you never seen the tears in my eyes
I’m setting us both free
So I can live my life with ease
No longer would I be afraid of you haunting me
Afraid to move on because you’ll come pounding into my world like a thunder-bomb
Last night was my last dream I should have of you looking for me, or me looking for you
My dearly beloved our love was so true, but due to our youth it was obvious it wouldn’t work because to me your a lesson, and to you I was….
So! Dearly beloved I beg of you to forget about me so I can be free
“I got lost”
As you demanded
Although I didn’t know where to go
I got lost
And I heard the calling to my soul
Fly, and be free, Write and dream
Before I thought there was no me without you
My dearly beloved before I really close this chapter of my life
And end our story
I just want to say thank you
I’m so grateful to have been apart of you for 8years
Because without it I would’ve never grown
You’ve prepared me for the cold
When it comes to others I’m crazy because I sometimes feel your presence,
You screwed me up indeed
No longer you’ll have that power over me
If I ever see you in this world, or in my dreams
You will see that me getting lost was the best lesson you ever taught me
It hurt
It was wild
I learned to stand on point at the peak of the highest mountain
Balance myself as the storms passed through
I froze and was unfrozen
I burned and bled
I drowned and revived
I thought I died
With the help of ambition and dreaming
Accepting and understanding
I came back to life
Without you
I’m happier, grateful and healed
Thanks to you dropping me and sending me out into the battlefield

-Krystle Mitchell


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