From a Daughter to her Father

All my life I loved you like no other
Although your my father its time you know
That I have to grow
I guess the technology, heartbreaks, and me catching you when you were feeling down and out all had to change when I showed you the light
I taught you how to walk through it
You taught me how to love, but what I wanted to learn from you the most was what it like to be loved like your ciggeretters and bud
Now Im not killing you off because you taught me how to reshine my light
And explained why sometimes im crazy and love so hard
I will take your teachings, breaks, love and the long talks with me
As I go into the world unblinded
It hurts to know that I have to go
I thank you for freeing me so smoothly
I won’t let you down
The crown I still have in a safe place where nobody can find it
From a daughter to her Father I love you
And although my last name can change ill keep it close to my heart

-Krystle Mitchell


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