On Time, But Late

With many things on my to-do list that I never follow I find myself to be on time but late all at once.
I really try to maintain my schedule, but somehow things become undone for weeks, months, years, hours and days.
When reality checks in and I’m late, but still on time I find myself in a bind.
Again I write myself out of the trouble I caused hoping for better luck next time around
Then I realize that maybe just maybe life would be better if I just let it go.
The next task start, and I continue down the road of unfinished projects that was never able to be shared with others because I was on time but late.
The addiction of procrastination feels better than any drug, but the come down from it hurts more than any fracture.
To beat this disease control of oneself must be taken to another level
The war against one self will begin and once the good side wins because the stubborn side can no longer fight for the power of positive energy is so great
The defeat of peace amongst one self will be so great that no longer I will be on time but late, but I’ll be on time and ahead.

-Krystle Mitchell


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