People come and go

Heartbreaks, love, smiles, and tears.
Aa humans we get all caught up in words that stroke our egos. We yearn to be needed. Longing for forever is our number one dream. Many individuals don’t like to face reality. Most like to just live in the moment. As a young adult life changes daily. No longer is there time to waste in this day in age, year, minute, or hour we must do what makes us happy. Learn to accept things that make us sad.
As I look at my peers I see a lot of them are not even 30 and they’re already angry about how their lives have turned out. When I entered this phase in my life I was scared because I wasn’t like my old friends and I was afraid of my new ones. Now that im in the moment I realize that my life is just beginning I can still live out all of my dreams, I can still believe, heartbreaks, love, smiles, and tears are apart of life. Hell its what keeps it interesting. So I’m coming down to earth and challenging my fears. I will not give up, and a difference is what I will make in peoples’ lives until its the end of my time.
I guess what I am really trying to say as a 23 year old is if your alive you should realize no matter the struggle or situation your in at the end of the day life is, and will be, great because every encounter has its lesson.Every tear has its reason. Every smile has a testimony. Each heartbreak is healed with growth. As for love its just like people it comes and go unless you know the love you have for yourself then it is actually with you forever

-Krystle Mitchell


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