How to change your life?

Changing your life is not as easy as many life coaches and psychologist say it is. To change your life takes many steps. I’m in the process of using 3 that I chose to live by for the past couple of years. My life has changed drastically and I’m still in the process of continuing to change it for the better. It’s a roller coaster, but everything I said I would do I’ve done. I know because of my past dreams that have come true my future dreams will also.

1) Do what you plan
2) Think before you speak

Do what you plan to keep your goals maintained. Meaning when you do as plan the universe or as I like to simply say life has its way of returning the favor.

Thinking before you speak is one of human kinds difficulty. The task takes a lot of self control. Once a person is able to have self control the world around them changes and lightens up. Doors begin yo open and ideas start to flow. You’ll have less regrets, and you’ll learn the beauty of silence.

Listen. I can’t exaggerate how important it is to listen. Listening takes a lot of practice. One will bite their own tongue a lot, but the luxury of having the gift to listen helps you flow through life. You become unstoppable.

-Krystle Mitchell


One thought on “How to change your life?

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