Good Morning

Phones ringing, and the sun is shining through the window. Another day with potential to learn something new, or create. Plans are never made in my life unless its by a job that I try to maintain to pretend I’m normal for a strange sake. Enough with that because now I’m awake.

The job didn’t need me today, so that is a blessing in disguise because now I have time to see what I can do for others that may cross my path. Maybe I’ll go for a run. The girls said we should get our nails done, but I always force myself to believe I’m saving my money for something.

Life can do that to you, ya know. Send you through a door that you would never really go through, but have no choice because all the others are closed. Then once you fall for the room and never want to leave it snatches away from you only, so you can learn one thing about yourself, and that is you can do whatever you possibly dreamed if you just believe.

Now about my day I usually just go with the flow. I think today I’ll ask, so I can receive. I hardly ask for any ones help but today I’ll humble myself and allow someone else to take the lead. That way I’ll learn something new, and I’ll try something I never even thought of because its a good morning, and I have nothing to do but float along with the clouds above

-Krystle Mitchell


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