Moving too slow

I always find my self setting a date to do something as if my schedule is full. I work 2-4 hours a night and throughout the day I procrastinate. By the end of the year im in tears or wondering why nothing I said I was going to do happened. Now that its a new year I’ve begun to do it again saying im going to do this. Praying to find a way to do that. Writing down my goals, but tucking them away and not looking back at them until a year has gone by again.
Nomore shall I procrastinate on my life because when you live in a world thats ran by time I have to keep in mind that this is now and its my only life.
So from here on out instead of putting things off for another day ill do what I’m going to say. If I dont complete it at least I began it. If I don’t enjoy the result at least I can say I did it.

-Krystle Mitchell


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