As A Capricorn

I’m very kind. I dont get awknowlegde for my work, and when I do its a really big surprise.
Individuals label me.
They try to turn me into their image, but when I don’t change for them they begin to go insane or even walk away.
As a snake.
Im really seductive.
I stay to myself.
I’m interesting, yet most people think I’m weird
Its true I am strange.
We all are, but you’ll never catch me putting you down in any kind of way
These label, titles, and traits they dont define us
They are really just
We all have the same personalities and ways some just use them more than others
Enough with the zodiacs because they are all just names to make us think we know why we are here
And to distract us from our true ways

-Krystle Mitchell


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