Implantation Of Your Love


Last night I found out how deeply you cared. You saw in my eyes that I was hurting from deep within. My hand you took and asked me to walk with you. There was a light and I was afraid to go. For you I didn’t know, from the past I’ve been burned. Yes your older than me, so you say that makes you wise. I explained I didn’t want to be burned anymore, and since your made of fire your hand I was afraid to take in mine. Then we sat and you broke everything down. Explaining the difference between black and white. Why I’m legally colorblind. How those who can’t hear never heard a sound, and the blind ones have made up thoughts of how people are suppose to look. Then you startled me when you came really close and said, its the implantation of my love that forces you to believe that this is that and that is this. When you lifted me from my seat and we shot out into the galaxy you showed me how nothing even exists. It’s the implanting of your love which indicated how things are suppose to be. “Hold on and think for a bit, I’ll return maybe before the sun decides to shine, if not someone else will come by, and teach you something new, and until then, you’ll weep, smile, breathe, and think because this implantation of my love has taught you to see whats behind the distractions,” were the last words you said before your leap.

-Krystle Mitchell


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