The Dream

What do they usually mean? Its our subconscious thoughts formed together into a visual image that play like a film, so I’ve been told.
The dream, my dreams always tend to become real. I can’t sleep because of what was propsed to me. This last dream has left me thinking.
Have I been living my life all wrong?
This path will it end because of this wakeup call?
Nomore time I should waste
The only strength that remains inside of me is to make sure that this dream takes place.
Now is only the time.
If not then things will expire
I’ll set to fire and be shot up in the sky
Not knowing anything but to float about and let my light shine bright
Nomore will I be able to experience life
Because The Dream is me.
Little, strange, awesome, loving, silly playful me alone in a dark galaxy floating around as a star looking down and forgetting what it was like to be with the world
The dream showed me the end.
Its drained me thin of tears, thin of blood, time and years
The dream has taught me to see that if we dont dream
Then well its the finale.

-Krystle Mitchell


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