I Still Smile

My smile use to be bright, but lately it has become a faint light.

You can see it in my eyes that I’m trying my best to stay alright.

There are many people that try to test me. Some do whatever they can to get me to fight.

Friends say its jealousy. Others say they don’t mean to bite.

See the human species is filled with individuals that think they are right, but in the mist of it all we are all living the same life

Some are richer, some are poor, others are smarter, and well there are those that just don’t have a clue

In the end persons do not like to believe

We are all one breathing, walking, bleeding, crying, screaming with a urge to know why me?

No one is in control of the other

Even though society has made a system to get us to believe

But when half of the world is sleep

And the other is waking up

Without one another

Humankind will be nothing

I sit, I watch, and I speak

I cry because so many are blind to see

That everything is okay

Until the day my smile fades away

Luckily for me I love myself more than anyone can imagine

So to test me your only hurting yourself

Since I am one and complete

And don’t need you because I have me

-Krystle Mitchell


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