No Inspiration, So Pretend

Sitting in silence all day with a fried brain for unlikable work

Zombiefied by the system

I manage to pull through and create.

A positive experience out of it all

Life as A Hostess

People come and go

Some say goodbye while others don’t even realize they didn’t say hello

Time, slowly goes by

As people run around

Dishes crash in the background while families, friends, and lovers chat

Every now and then a co-worker would stop by to talk about their life

I continue to be zombiefied for the hours that I have to waste in order to add money to my future life

I day dream by putting myself into a little fantasy world

” Today I’ll pretend I’m a queen, and I’m hosting a party”

As I seat my guests and my servants take their orders I roam around and smile while some take sneak peaks, and others ignore my presence.

Tomorrow, “I’ll pretend to be a slave,”

I’ll work hard

I’ll complain

I pray to God

I show pain through my body movement

I’m dragged

The next following days I’m worn out from all the games I play

Then I’m able to be alive again

I come back to my true love, and I find my inspiration out of a little experience where no inspiration can be found

I’m able to write

-Krystle Mitchell


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