Did you blog today?

A question I’ve asked myself multiple times this morning.

I’ve journaled for the new year.

I’ve checked my messages.

I’ve read my emails.

But the answer still remained no to my number one priority.

No. I did not blog.

I have writer’s block.

I’m hungry.

I have to watch my latest show.

Excuses and distractions.

How do we break our favorite habit Procrastination many may ask?

The answer. Oh the sweet answer. So easily expressed, yet so hard to obtain. It’s even a slogan for a very popular brand.

“Just Do It”

Now when the question pops up before I lay down to sleep I can say yes I did blog today, and the joy of knowing that I accomplished my goal will flow through my body. My life will change not by much but by a lot new doors will open. I’ll experience new heights all because I blogged today

© Krystle Mitchell 2013


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